Nature is our universe, our horizon,
our raw material

Every day, Puressentiel® ensures the respect of Nature, and Humans who cultivate it. To create our products, we draw with eco-responsiblility to the best of nature without ever derogating from our Pure Quality charter. Natural is our D.N.A. The roots of Puressentiel®'s success: to offer products with 100% pure and natural ingredients, useful, user-friendly and sustainable.

Products guaranteed without conservatives(1), parabens, phenoxyethanol and PEG, without colorants, GMO, without animal(2) or petrochemical raw material, synthetic fragances, without propellant gas harmful for the environment.

Puressentiel®'s eco-responsible and solidarity commitment is also reflected by the choice of renewable raw materials, and partners (manufacturing plants, packagings, distribution hub) with an environmental and a CSR approach (minimise water use, waste reduction), goods consolidation for shipment and the choice of reducing as much as we can the use of air transport (save of carbon tax) or by re-using drums and containers.

(1)Only those authorized by Ecocert.
(2)Except products from the hive.


In 2016, Puressentiel® used 180 tons of essential oils and 129 different essential oils to produce its 16 million products distributed in 80 countries, and create its range of almost 250 products. A total of 27 000 tons of raw materials from all over the world : Neroli, Cinnamon, Ravintsara and Clove from Madagascar; Neroli, Petit grain Bitter Orange and Mastic tree from Morocco; Wintergreen, Palmarosa, and Lemongrass from Nepal; Tea tree from Australia; Green Mandarin from South America... 14,4% of essential oils come from France (including Helichrysum and Lavandin), 37% come from Europe.

A secure sourcing thanks to many partnerships displayed and developed  with farmers and cooperatives over the years. An eco-responsible approach, reflected by the signature of CENSO for example, a charter for sustainable development of the sector of the French essential oils of Lavender and Lavandin. This kind of label gathers producers, distillers, agricultural cooperative companies, etc..., and guarantees a full traceability to the products, from producers to user companies. Thus agricultors' work from all over the world is shaped by the "French know-how" in our partner factories mainly located in Drôme, 1st "organic" department in France ! 

Puressentiel, pure, natural and …
effective products

  • Pure and natural essential oils
  • EOBBD Quality (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined)
  • Clear traceability of the origin of the plant
  • Pure Quality charter guarantee
  • gmo
  • animal raw material**
  • synthetic fragance
  • Natural ingredients
  • Natural and pure essential oils
  • EOBBD Quality (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined)
  • Clear traceability of the origin of the plant
  • Pure Quality charter guarantee

*or only those authorized by Ecocert.
***excluding hive and products from the sea


Puressentiel® wants to preserve the whole environment, to promote the ecosystem, taking care not to puncture a culture to the point of endangering it (no deforestation, no grubbing-up), or planning plantations several years before exploitation. Respecting fundamental human rights, including exclusion of discriminations, forced and child labour. For example, one of Puressentiel®'s supplier of essential oils, very invested in eco-responsibility, gives the opportunity to 600 families to work according to eco-solidary and responsible standards. Raw material is bought from 15 to 20% upper the "official" rate, allowing to fund the whole project.

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