ELIO Diffuser

Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser ELIO


Elio, the faithful friend who watches over the sleep of your little ones every night!
Its fully adjustable programming means you can adapt the diffusion time or brightness to suit your needs. Choose between Nightlight or Sleep mode, to reassure your child at bedtime and help them gradually drift off to sleep.
It fits perfectly into the world of a child's bedroom, thanks to the many decorations you can print out and personalise as you wish.

Our ready-to-use decors and inspiration models

Decor printing

1. Turn on your printer and check that it is connected to your computer.

2. Place your sheet of white paper in the drawer of your printer. Close the drawer.

3. On the website, choose your design and click on "Download my design".

4. Open the downloaded file and start printing by clicking on the 'printer' icon. Retrieve your printout.

5. If you have chosen a black and white design, you can now colour it in using coloured pencils or felt pens. Cut out its contours along the solid line, and score the dotted line with a cutter. Insert the tab into the notch you created. For optimum hold, fix the assembly with a piece of adhesive tape on the inside of the decor.

6. Your decor is now ready to be installed on the inner cover. Then replace the outer glass cover, turn on your diffuser and enjoy the new atmosphere!