The natural spirit of transparency


            Organic is a concept that originated in agriculture and the food industry, governed by European regulation. This spread to other sectors such as cosmetics. At Puressentiel, we systematically favour producers certified by Ecocert, whose logos are instantly recognisable and acknowledged.

            However, we’re unable to find all of the essential oils we need available in sufficient quantities with organic certification. This can be due to the remoteness of certain cultivation sites, the fact that some plants are wild, or that they grow in countries where producers cannot easily access organic certification.

            Some Puressentiel products are therefore not certified organic for this reason. Furthermore, Ecocert does not certify all types of regulatory status, such as medical devices, biocides, etc.

            VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE*

            Veganism is commonly defined by a lifestyle where the consumption or use of products or services that contain animal products or participate in institutionalised animal exploitation is prohibited. There are many variations and ways of following a vegan lifestyle and there is currently no regulation defining veganism. At Puressentiel, we adopt this broad approach, focusing on the formulation of our products, along with alternative testing methods which do not involve animal testing**. Our products are guaranteed FREE FROM ANIMAL PRODUCTS*** :
            Our products contain no raw materials of animal origin, and come into contact with no technical agents of animal origin during the manufacturing process

            * Cruelty free
            ** In compliance with current regulations, only efficacy tests on invertebrates (fleas and bedbugs, clothes moths, lice, mites) or demonstration of environmental non-toxicity on Danio rerio have been carried out.
            *** No animal products, except beehive products and organic fish gelatin


            Puressentiel is built around 3 essential values, which have become the brand's true DNA: Naturalness, Commitment and Performance.

            Naturalness is a fundamental notion. Each of our products is therefore formulated and developed with essentially pure and natural ingredients, containing the highest possible percentage of raw materials of natural origin. All while respecting the regulatory constraints imposed by legislation regarding the maximum authorised concentration allowed for certain ingredients.

            Thanks to our expertise and experience, we very often achieve formulas containing 100% raw materials of natural origin. Absolute naturalness! On our website, each product sheet shows the naturalness rate of the product formula in full transparency.


            The development of our formulas and their packaging are designed to use as many natural or plant-based ingredients and materials as possible in an eco-responsible way, while guaranteeing the effectiveness, safety, and reliability of our products.

            An Ethical Packaging Policy:

            Our commitments include limiting the use of plastic, lightening materials while favouring the choice of materials that can be recycled at the end of their life. We also prefer local sourcing in Europe wherever possible. Our teams are constantly looking for solutions to encourage the use of renewable and sustainably managed resources, systematically favouring the use of recycled and/or recyclable materials, and keeping packaging to a minimum, so that our environmental footprint is as light as possible.

            A FEW KEY FIGURES:

            We favour 100% recyclable raw materials such as aluminium or glass, for products that are increasingly environmentally responsible
            By 2021, we had replaced 50% of our plastic tubes with 100% recyclable aluminium
            By the beginning of 2022, we had replaced 100% of our plastic jars and caps for our balms with glass jars and aluminium caps - for packaging that is even more environmentally responsible and 100% recyclable!
            Our products contain 0% environmentally harmful propellant100% of our packaging items purchased during 2021 come from Europe, and 62% from France, illustrating our commitment to always favour the shortest possible route
            In 2021 we saw a reduction of 6.6 tonnes of plastic used, a concrete result of our policy of continuous improvement
            94% of our baby product packaging is infinitely recyclable


            To guarantee our products reach you, their transport is unfortunately unavoidable. However, true to our N.D.A., Puressentiel takes concrete action to limit its impact and greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.
            We do this by:
            - Limiting the number of kilometres our products travel
            - Optimising their transport
            - Choosing eco-responsible materials, particularly by choosing cardboard
            - Optimising the efficiency of all packaging used – more items per box!

            Puressentiel asks each of its logistics partners to apply environmental standards. And of course, we give new life to damaged or unfit for sale products – see "Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse" for more info.


            Puressentiel's responsibility and environmental commitment is also illustrated at the end of each product’s life cycle:

            Any unsold products are recovered and sorted. Their materials: cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, are all recycled.

            Products with damaged packaging, but still fit for consumption, are made available to the Puressentiel teams, or donated to charities in conjunction with the Puressentiel Foundation.

            The Puressentiel teams around the world are also part of our commitment. They play their part by using glass bottles, mugs and water fountains rather than plastic bottles or cups, or by setting up personalised solutions for the collection of their waste by material (glass, coffee grounds, tea, metal, etc).


            Our products naturally comply with the expectations of amateur or high-level athletes. They are formulated and adapted to treat the aches and pains of everyday life, and to help athletes to prepare better, recover better, treat physical pain linked to intensive activity, but also to take their health in hand in a way that is both effective and natural, without doping products.

            Our range does not contain any of the doping substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency as prohibited products.

            The World Anti-Doping Agency is an independent organisation which works to harmonise anti-doping policies and regulations among sports organisations and governments around the world. Their list is updated annually, so at Puressentiel we are committed to checking each of our products annually for compliance with these guidelines.