For a preserved and naturally improved world


Our Pure Quality Charter defines the constraints of sourcing raw materials with respect for nature, but defines constraints and principles for those who cultivate it.
Puressentiel is committed to preserving the environment in its entirety: this includes the ecosystem, biodiversity of natural resources, protection of villages, families, and growers. We take care not to puncture a crop to the point of endangering it: no deforestation, no uprooting; to respect the CITES* list; and to plan plantations several years before possible exploitation.

Puressentiel's commitment to eco-responsibility and solidarity is also reflected in the choice of renewable raw materials and partners (production plants, packaging suppliers, distribution platforms, transporters, etc.) committed to a CSR and environmental approach. This includes a commitment to reduction of water use, reduction of waste, etc., the grouping of goods for shipping and the choice to avoid air transport as much as possible to allow a reduction of the carbon footprint, and even the reuse of drums and containers. Whether it is the cultivation, the manufacturing, the delivery of our products or their reuse or recyclability, all the stages including in the eco-design of our products are governed by our 100% responsible and supportive ethics.
*The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, known by its acronym CITES or as the Washington Convention, is an international agreement between States. It aims to ensure that international trade in wild animal and plant specimens does not threaten the survival of the species to which they belong.


Puressentiel's approach guarantees full respect for local populations and the protection of children's and workers' rights. Our plant raw materials come from all over the world, sometimes from countries or regions where access to stable and regular employment is difficult, where care and education are largely absent.

We rigorously select our partners by ensuring that they respect fundamental human rights, and in particular the exclusion of discrimination, forced labour and the exploitation of children.

At Puressentiel, we have therefore set up our own Ethical Quality Charter. All our suppliers must adhere to it, with strict controls. Making this choice makes sourcing more selective, and therefore more complicated, and sometimes more expensive. But we are extremely vigilant, and when we cannot control it ourselves locally, we call on an independent audit office, like Veritas.


Committed to a fair, supportive and responsible approach, and always respectful of humankind, at Puressentiel we have supported numerous causes and associations with the same values since our creation.

Puressentiel unifies all of our associative partnerships within the Puressentiel Foundation, with the mission of protecting nature, children and health, to live together better, naturally. The Puressentiel Foundation is active throughout the world. It participates in the preservation of plant heritage and biodiversity, including reforestation, planting of endemic trees, and support for beekeepers. It protects families by facilitating access to water and healthcare as well as providing schooling for underprivileged children.


Through many different streams, Puressentiel’s founders and employees work to support the Puressentiel Foundation. For example: occasional solidarity operations set up on our websites with €1 donated for every order placed on the site, or via our commercial partners, along with internal actions to collect clothes and used toys in working order for Christmas, donations of used computer equipment in good condition for recycling, and donations of products for sporting or solidarity challenges are all a vital part of life within the Puressentiel organisation.